Thank you so much for coming out these past two Sunday afternoons to run, hike, play soccer, do running drills, throw the frisbee around and get to know each other. What a great group of kids–so strong, FUN, and kind.  If anyone has any pics of the kids and the group hike to share, pass them along and I can post them here (if okay with everyone!) thanks!

We are CANCELING our gathering scheduled for SUNDAY NOVEMBER 20th.

Couple of reminders:

On Snow: Our first official day on snow will be Saturday, December 31st, at the Skiway 8:30am-12pm. Myself, along with some of the other DEVO coaches will be at the Skiway the week of Christmas vacation. If you and your family are up at the mountain, please feel free to find us and say hello! No better way to ring in the New Year then with some skiing! We will be skiing on Sunday January 1st, at the Skiway, 8:30am-12pm.    We will continue to meet on weekends throughout the winter. **Check the calendar for updates. We will not be skiing February 11th-12th–this is Dartmouth’s Winter Carnival and the Skiway is incredibly busy.

Before we get on snow – Please make sure your child’s equipment is ready to go and your Skiway pass is purchased.  Please be sure that boots fit the feet and skis, and everything is appropriately sized and in good safe condition.  If you need any help or have questions please let me know.


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