Whaleback Event

Devo Families,

After another great weekend of training we are all looking forward to the Masters of the Mountain event at Whaleback this Saturday 1/31/15. This is expected to be a busy, fun filled day with young athletes from Ford Sayre, as well as similar beginner and Devo teams from Suicide 6, Quechee, Pico, and Storrs Hill.

***Please be aware that at these events regular Devo groups will not be formed! Multiple Ford Sayre coaches will be there to help organize kids and answer questions in the morning and will be on the course to take the kids through the inspection and oversee their starts. Because of the way that these races slowly progress through the large number of participants, coaches will not be able to keep track of everyone on the lifts in between runs, or oversee snacks, breaks etc. Families are responsible for ensuring that their skiers are registered and to the course in time for inspection and their starts.

Registration will take place in the upstairs lodge. To speed the registration process – look out for an email containing a copy of the waiver for this event. Please try to fill this out in advance and bring the completed form with you to the event.

More information provided by Whaleback is included below along with the tentative schedule for the day (Be ready for some small adjustment to event times may change as things progress during the day.)

See everyone soon!

Devo Coaches

8:00 – 9:00 registration
9:00 – 9:45 course inspection
10:00 – Paneled slalom – 1 run
12:30 (or ½ hour after slalom) – freestyle competition – combination of jumps and boxes, -which will be at the bottom of face this year (kids hike up a small area – will go much quicker)

Awards will be approximately 30 minutes after last run – either out on the lower deck like last year or in the upstairs of the lodge

As done in previous years, we will provide participation awards for everyone, as well as the top 3 finishers for male and female U6, U8, U10, and U12 categories.
We will also have one snowboarder category with no age or gender bracket.

Registration will be $20 – checks/cash only – checks can be made out to Whaleback Mountain Club
Parent/sibling ticket is $20 – (cash/charge)




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