Next Two Weeks

I want to thank you all for sharing your hard charging ski racers with us the last few weeks – it’s been a great start to the season even with our challenges from Mother Nature – but we’re hardy New England skiers so we deal with it and put a smile on for being able to slide and carve around.

I’m trying to get my head around the next few weeks as a multi age-group FS parent as there are many events on the calendar.

This is the plan:

Saturday, Jan 24 – DEVO at Skiway 9-12pm (not at Sunapee as a Big Mtn Day). We had previously slotted in a Big Mtn Day here given it is the Special Olympics day at the Skiway and it can get busy, but the consensus is that a busy day at the Skiway is still much easier to manage than a Saturday at Sunapee. Also, many parents of u10s, u12s, and u14s will be at Sunapee plenty over the next few weeks. We will try to manage Big Mtn Days in later in the winter at potentially Cannon or Burke.

Sunday, Jan 25 – DEVO at Skiway 9-12pm. BUT, if you have a skier that would like to go to Sunapee this day (as there is a U12/14 GS race), and you are going anyway with your parents/siblings, please email or talk to me as I’m willing to form a group down there for this. I will be the only coach going so some parent help would be needed depending on the numbers. The idea of this is for some DEVO kids that have siblings racing this day as all other DEVO coaches will be at the Skiway and expecting the team to show up.

Saturday, Jan 31 – DEVO at Whaleback for Masters of the Mountain race. This includes an alpine GS style race and a freestyle component of jumps. This is a GREAT first event for the DEVO crew and Whaleback is a great hill to watch from whether you are on skis or not. I will send out more details once I receive them, but plan on about a $20 entry fee paid to Whaleback the day of and an arrival time of 7:30-8am.

Sunday, Feb 1 – DEVO day off

Looking forward on the calendar – Sunday, Feb 22, we will go to Suicide Six for their All-Mtn race (alpine race, jumps, and moguls). Usually a $10 fee and an event they’ve held and I’ve attended for years and it is a lot of fun.

Both of these events I see as part of our program and I’d like all DEVO kids to take part in. If you have any concerns please feel free to email me directly. After seeing our crew the last few weeks, I am confident all will thoroughly enjoy these ‘FUN’ events.

Thanks – I’ll be in touch. And also, please sign up for the DEVO Blog if you haven’t already and check the Calendar on the Ford Sayre site for updates



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